What are Desktop Notifications, and how do I enable or disable them?

Please Note: Desktop Notifications are currently available only for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Now, you can opt-in to receive italki notifications on your desktop!  Whether or not you are looking at the italki website, you can be alerted to new messages, session alerts, or other notifications that will appear on your screen and stay for about 15 seconds before fading (if you do not cancel it yourself). 

You will receive notifications for every event on italki for which you have selected "Notify me on italki", including session requests, messages sent on italki, etc...  Don't worry, whether or not you choose to receive Desktop Notifications, you will still receive notifications via the red 'bubble' notifications on your italki dashboard.

To enable Desktop Notifications, simply follow the directions as they lead you through the process. 

1) On the top right drop-down menu, click Account Settings.

2) Inside the Account Settings page, select the Notifications Tab

3) In the Notifications Tab, make sure Desktop notifications are "ON"4) Select the type of Notifications you would like to receive under the Notify me at italki check boxes.

Please note: Depending on your browser preferences, you may have to re-enable Notifications after restarting the browser, clearing the cache, or clearing the history.


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