Does italki have a referral system?

italki has a referral system which allows you to earn italki Credits when you invite friends to italki.

When someone makes a new account on italki after clicking through your referral link, they will also be automatically added as a "friend" so you'll be able to get in touch and welcome them to italki! Once they purchase italki Credits on the site, you will both be rewarded with $10 USD in italki Credits in your italki Student Wallet!

Please note: multiple referrals from the same payment account will NOT be accepted.

For details on the current referral program, how it works, and to generate your referral code, click on the following link to find your unique referral link:

How to use your referral link

Your referral link should look something like this:



When your friends clicks on the link, and signs up and made purchase on italki, you'll get $10 USD in italki Credits for the referral.  All our referrals will be recorded on your referral history so you can always check on the status of your referrals!


For old referral link, you can still direct people to:

Your user profile 

Your teacher profile page (if you are a teacher)

Your unique italki profile URL

Registration page 

Professional Teacher Search Page


* italki reserve the right to revise the Term of Referral system. 

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