How do I sync my class schedule with my calendar program?

iCalendar (*.ics extension) is a popular file format used to distribute calendar information between different applications over the internet.  You can now synchronize your italki session schedules with popular calendar programs such as:

Google Calendar

  • Apple iCal
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mozilla Lightning

Please note that you only need to enter your iCalender feed once.  Each time that you try to import your iCalendar feed, you will receive an entirely new iCalendar URL.

iCalendar Feed

1. Click on the "Lessons" dropdown menu, then select Lessons.



2.  Click calendar, then select "Get iCalendar Feed" on the right hand side.


Google Calendar Instructions

1. Click on the arrow next to "Other Calendars" and select "Add URL", a pop-up window will appear.



2. Copy and paste the iCalendar Feed URL into the Google Calendar


Please note that it has been reported that Google has problems with iCal feeds with using "https://".  This may cause your iCal feed to not sync with Google Calendar.  To correct this problem, just use the "http://" (drop the "s" from the URL)


3. Your italki iCalendar Feed is now imported into your Google Calendar.  Your upcoming sessions will appear in a different color.



Apple iCal Instructions

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Apple's iCal program:
  1. Open the iCal program (in Applications)
  2. From the Calendar menu select Subscribe
  3. Type or paste one of the two feed URLs above into Calendar URL field then click Subscribe


   4. Change the name and color (optional) and update the Auto-refresh frequency to Every day (important!), then click OK


Microsoft Outlook Instructions

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Outlook:

  1. From Tools menu select Account Settings
  2. Click on the Internet Calendars tab
  3. Click the New button
  4. Type or paste one of the calendar URLs above then click Add


5. In the Subscription Options dialog box, you can optionally rename the calendar.  Make sure the box is checked in the Update Limit section.



Mozilla Lightning Instructions

Lightning is a calendar plugin for the popular email client Mozilla Thunderbird. You can add an iCalendar feed as follows:

  1. From the File menu in Thunderbird select New -> Calendar
  2. Choose On the Network and click Next
  3. Choose iCalendar format and paste or type the calendar URL from above in Location, then click Next



4. Optionally change the Name, Color and notification option, click Next and then Finish

5. You can set the refresh frequency in Tools->Options->Lightning->General->Refresh Settings.  Once or twice a day is sufficient.

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