What is the italki Notebook?

In the Notebook feature on italki, you can write in the language you are learning, and get helpful corrections from native speakers. You can also browse other learner's Notebooks, and help them learn your native language by correcting their notebooks. Writing a Notebook Entry is a great way to improve your written language skills. It's also a fun way to express yourself, and meet new people.

How do I write a good notebook entry?

The most important rule of writing a good notebook entry is use the language you are learning. You cannot improve without using the language.

What should I write about?

You can write about any topic you want. Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Describe what is happening in your life
  • Describe your hobbies and interests
  • Describe what is happening in your country
  • Write about movies, TV, or music that you like

What else should I know?

Practicing your writing skills is a skill, and it is important to continually practice it. This means that you need to keep on writing in order to improve. We recommend sticking to a consistent writing schedule, such as writing an entry once every two weeks. It is okay to write short entries, but do not give up!

Helping other people with their notebook entries

If you have received writing corrections, you know how helpful it can be! Return the favor and help other people learning your language. When you correct someone's notebook entry, will you gain an understanding of their culture, and also make more friends. In addition, people with more friends receive more help when they need it.

How can I delete a notebook entry?

To delete a Notebook entry, click on Notebook, then click on the My Notebook tab.  You will see a small trash can icon trashcarm.jpg next to your Notebook entries.  Simply click on the trash can icon trashcarm.jpg to delete your Notebook Entry.

Currently, you can only delete notebook entries. Furthermore, you cannot edit notebook entries that have already been written.


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