Can I edit my posts after submitting them?

Yes, it is possible to edit your own comments or entries after posting in Answers, Discussions, or Notebooks! Please be aware that you may only edit your post within 24 hours of posting.

Please be aware that you also cannot edit your title!

First, after you have submitted an entry, just hit the "Edit" button.

After you have changed or added the text you wish to, press the Update button!That's it! The post has been edited. There is now a yellow "Edited" icon on the top left of your post to indicate that it has been edited.

Please be careful with what you post in your Notebook, Answers or Discussions as they are visible to everyone and they link back to your profile.

Once the 24 hour limit has passed, the edit button will disappear and you will no longer be able to edit your posts.

If you want to figure out how to delete entries, you can do so by following the instructions at the bottom of the page here.

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