What are italki Discussions?

Ways to use italki discussions

  • ASK for help
  • OFFER to help

Teachers: Introducing yourself in Discussions

Many teachers have asked us how they can reach students who are interested in paid tutoring sessions. Teachers can now post information about themselves. We think this could be a great place for teachers to market to students, and for students to learn more about a teacher’s background and teaching style.

Share Test Knowledge

Another interesting use of discussions could be for sharing test knowledge (example: Tests and Exams for learning English. Now if you are taking a language test such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the HSK (the main test for Chinese proficiency), or the AP Spanish test (US College Board’s test of Spanish competency) — you should be able to find discussions about how to prepare for them in the Tests and Exams group for that language.

General Topics

italki Discussions are also a great way for you to engage with the italki community on a more informal level. Perhaps you want to talk about tips about learning new languages, the differences between the accents of various dialects, or even favorite songs in the languages you are learning! Discussion is the way to go!

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