What is Language Exchange?

Language Exchange is when you find a language partner who has complementary language skills to you. For example:

You speak English.  You are learning Spanish.

Find a Language Partner that speaks Spanish and is learning English.

On italki, you can find language partners easily.

After you become friends you can find a language exchange partner and arrange a time to have a conversation using communication tools like Skype to chat with each other.  Specifical

  • Spend 5 minutes speaking only in your native language
  • Spend 5 minutes speaking only in the language you are studying

Language exchanges are free and very informal.  You and your language exchange partner are simply exchanging time and helping each other learn your respective languages.  If you and your partner are intermediate or advanced level, you can spend a longer time speaking in each language.

You can also practice your writing by becoming penpals. You can write messages to each other through the italki message system.

Language exchange partners are people just like you! Search through the list and start making friends around the world.

Find a Language Partner now!

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