How do I find more Language Partners?

Many people ask us how to get more language partners. It isn't always easy, but here are some tips that we've gathered over the years.  

1. Offer to Help Other Users First

We think it is always important to first start by offering to help someone.  

If you start with your language partner's needs, then you'll find that they'll naturally be interested in helping you.  It's always important to be considerate and think of why someone would invest the time to help a stranger.  You shouldn't expect someone to devote their free time to teaching you their native language if you aren't able to offer something in return.  


2. Show something real about yourself

It is harder to build trust when you’re online, so it’s important to try to be "real". Not having a picture or using fake pictures makes it harder for people to trust you.  


3. Answer questions and Ask questions

Answering questions is a great way to show other people that you are interested in sharing your knowledge. In addition, other users who have similar questions may view your answer and find you that way.


4. Correct Notebook Entries

Correcting notebook entries is just like answering questions.  It is a great way to show other people that you are interested in sharing your knowledge, and that you're helpful.  It often doesn't take much of your time, and it can be a huge help to people who are learning your native language.  Over time, you'll get a reputation for being very helpful, and you'll find it easy to find friends.


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