How to make friends on italki?

Making friends is a major part of italki, as the community learns from one another. 

As you look at profiles of interesting people, you can click on "Add as Friend".  When you do this, it's best to write a good introduction to yourself. Let the person know how you can help them, and what your interests are. Always be polite and friendly when you introduce yourself.  It is always better to offer to help people with your native language. Don't be offended if someone doesn't respond to you; they may already have enough language partners.

Read below for step by step instructions and tips on how to make friends on italki!

How to make friends on italki

1. Complete your Profile

Make a complete profile of yourself.  Please make sure you have a real profile picture and write something in your "About Me" section.  The more information you share, the easier it is for someone to trust you.  Nobody wants to make friends with an empty profile.


2. Search for italki users that are interested in your language

If you want to find a good language partner, find someone who is interested in your native language!  

For example: If you are English and you are learning Spanish, try and find a partner who speaks Spanish and is learning English.


3. Help other italki users

By helping the community and generally being active on italki, other learners will see your profile, and look to connect with you. You can help the community by answering questions and correcting notebook entries.


4. Now that I have some friends, what should I do?

Do a Language Exchange (listening / speaking)

Spoken language exchanges are one of the best things you can do to learn a language. With language exchanges, you can focus on listening, responding naturally, and intuitively learning how a language is actually used. We generally recommend using Skype (download here). It is free and generally has good sound quality.


Become Penpals (reading / writing)

Writing to your italki friends is also a great way to improve your language skills. As penpals, you can take the time to use tools like dictionaries to help you with new vocabulary. You can also practice using more complex sentence structures. We recommend writing in the language you're trying to study as much as possible. Don't worry about making mistakes. Over time, you will get more used to writing in a new language.


With your italki language partners, you will get lots of support from people who want you to succeed!

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