How do I unblock a user?

An unblocked user will be able to:

  • Search for you
  • Follow you
  • Direct message and/or chat with you
  • Schedule lessons with you
  • Post in your community notebooks/discussions/answers

Unblocking a User

If you have a blocked user who you would like to unblock, you can remove them from your blocked list by following the steps outlined below:


Step 1: Go to to dropdown menu on the top right and select "Account Settings"


Step 2: Under Account Settings, Select "Privacy."


Step 3: At the very bottom, there should be a "My Block List."  You can click on the Unblock button to remove them from your block list.

If you make a mistake, no worries, you can always block the user again. To read up on how to block a user, click here.

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