What's the fee for withdrawing my earnings on italki?

italki works with different payment providers to help you withdraw your money. Although italki does not charge any fee from your withdrawals, you may be subject to different fees depending on which method you use. Please be aware that different countries may have different transaction fees charged by the respective payment provider.

The current payment providers we use with the default currencies sent are:

This chart shows typical fees for each payment provider. PLEASE consult your payment provider's website (links above) for your particular country to see what fees apply to you.

Method   Payment Period  Fee (Charged by Payment Providers) 
Payoneer account twice per month  $ 3 USD flat fee for each transfer from italki to your Payoneer account
PayPal twice per month Between 2% and 3.9% + $0.30 (Fixed Fee) of received amount. Please be aware that these rates differ from country to country. Learn more
Alipay/支付宝 once per month 0 (If the withdrawal is for more than 800RMB, italki will automatically deduct tax for the teacher according to China's tax law.) Learn more


twice per month 1% of received amount. For Skrill Taiwan account, 2% applied. Learn more
Bank Transfer through Payoneer twice per month

For USD transfers to banks in the USA: $ 1.50 USD flat fee.

For USD transfers to countries with local currency bank transfer route, received in the local currency: $ 3 USD flat fee  + Payoneer currency exchange rate (around 2% of the amount transferred, depending on which currency is needed).

(Please note that the listed countries above may change from time)

For USD transfers to all other countries: 15 USD flat fee. Additional intermediary bank fees or loading fees may apply.

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