How do I record and upload a video to Youtube?

If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a webcam video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site.

For tips on what to say in your video, please read these instructions on how to make an introduction video. When you're ready to record, read the following:


How to record your video:

The easiest way is to record your video introduction using webcam. This can be done using your computer's webcam.

1. Click the Record from webcam link on the upload page, or simply go to to get started.

2. Select Allow if you're asked to permit YouTube to access your camera and microphone.

Preview and download your video

3. After you've recorded the video, you can preview it by clicking the Play button.

Not happy with the video? No problem! Just click the "Record New" button. When you're satisfied with the video, click Save button below the video and Download video.

After you have download the video, login your YouTube account and Upload your video to YouTube

Learn how to add subtitles or captions to your YouTube video here.

4. Set your video title and description according to the following instructions.

For your title and description:

Protect your privacy: Do not give out your personal contact information in the video description. Students will be able to contact you through italki messages.

YouTube Options:

  • Allow embedding (this will allow the video to be played on your teacher profile)
  • List video as either PUBLIC or UNLISTED (this will allow italki staff and students to view your video). Do NOT set the video to PRIVATE (YouTube users can read about YouTube privacy settings for more information).

Promote your italki teacher profile:

  • Set your video title: "Learn [language(s)] on italki with [your name]" for example: "Learn English and Japanese on italki with Naim"
  • Add your profile link to your YouTube video description. You can create this link as follows.
  1. Copy your italki user profile URL. Example:
  2. Change “user” to “teacher” 
  3. After posting it, click on your link to be sure it goes to your profile



Please title the video on YouTube/YouKu: Learn (Teaching Language) on italki with (Teacher Name) and add your italki Teacher URL in the description (i.e. ).  Potential Students can find you on Youku / YouTube this way, and then follow the link to your teacher profile.

For help on uploading a video to Youku click here.

5: Add the video link to your italki profile or teaching application; click here for help.

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