italki 2016 New Year's Language Challenge Official Rules and FAQs

2016 New Year’s Language Challenge Official Rules and FAQs

CHALLENGE: Take 10, 20 or 30 hours of lessons
TIME LIMIT: January 16th until February 29th
Qualifying Sessions: Any italki session with any italki teacher taken between the start and end dates.

OFFICIAL START DATE: January 16th, 2016
OFFICIAL END DATE: February 29th, 2016

REGISTRATION BEGINS: January 1st, 2016
REGISTRATION CLOSES: January 31st, 2015


REWARD for completed challenge: There are multiple prizes waiting for you. Rewards at 10 hours, 20 hours and 30 hours of lessons.

The real prize is that you will have improved your language skills and developed some good study habits! You might surprise yourself! Nothing beats learning and winning at the same time!

What do I do?

1. SIGN UP (it's FREE)
Join the challenge for free and start the year speaking a foreign language!

You can take any kind of lesson in any language from any teacher! Lessons can be any length (1 hour, 45-minute, 30-minutes, etc) as long as the total number of hours add up to the Challenge goal and are taken before the end date of the Challenge.

Pro tip: booking a package and scheduling your sessions in advance is a winning strategy! Talk with your teacher to make a plan.

There are multiple prizes waiting for you. Nothing beats learning and winning at the same time!

Why should I take the Challenge?
If you’ve been thinking you should really practice more, but haven’t really gotten around to it, here’s your chance! The deadline is your friend! Previous Challenges have proven to help language learners to get started and get into a habit of learning. It has helped their motivation by setting a clear goal they need to meet and study habits they need to commit to.

Where can I sign up for free?
Click here for the italki Language Challenge Official Page!

What are the rewards?
We are giving out multiple rewards for reaching different language learning goals. The more you learn, the more rewards you can earn.

Complete 10 Hours Language Tourist
italki will donate $1 to Wikitongues to protect endangered languages. Enter a lucky draw of $500 for a trip to the country of your choice.

Complete 20 Hours Language Explorer
Online access to the movie "The Hyperglot", an inspiring work of art that all language explorers should watch. Ask your questions in a webcast with famous polyglots like Richard Simcott and Olly Richards.
(Richard Simcott is a polyglot who speaks 20 languages and has collaborated with The Times and Forbes on articles for language learning. Olly Richards is a travelling linguist who speaks 8 languages and writes about strategies for language learning at + All rewards from Language Tourist!

Complete 30 Hours Language Captain
An italki tshirt that will help you start conversations in other languages! Display your language skills with our italki stickers. A flashlight pen! A must have for any Language Captain. + All rewards from Language Tourist & Explorer!

Do I have to pay for the lessons I take?
Yes. italki lessons must be paid for by the Challenger as normal.

When will you start counting the lessons I take?
So long as you sign-up within the registration time period, we will count all your lessons taken from the Challenge start date to the end date (inclusive). But, we do recommend that you meet with or choose your teacher(s) BEFORE the Challenge start date. That way, when the challenge officially begins, you’ll already be ready to go!

Do I have to take the lessons on italki?
Yes. Otherwise, it will be very hard for us to know about them! All lessons must be scheduled and paid for through italki.

Do lessons in a Package count?
Of course! We actually recommend that you buy packages for the Challenge as you can set your Challenge schedule ahead of time. Multiple italki employees have used this strategy to make time for classes despite a busy schedule, and it's also a better deal as most teachers offer discounts for packages!

Go here to manage your packages: Click on the package you want to manage and scroll down to see and schedule the individual sessions.

Can I take lessons with more than one Professional Teacher or Community Tutor?
Absolutely! You can take lessons from any of our Professional Teachers or Community Tutors. They all count!

If you aren’t sure which teacher you want to work with yet, go here to search: Search for a Teacher:

Can I take Instant Tutoring sessions?
Yes. Instant Tutoring sessions count, too! Some Challengers use Instant Tutoring to make up for sessions that they might have to miss for some other reason.

What about Informal Tutoring or Professional Lessons, do they count?
Yes! Yes, they all count! The important thing is, does your time add up to the Challenge goal?

Can I learn more than one language during the Challenge?
Yes. We've had many Challengers that are trying to improve 2, even 3 different languages during past Challenges. While we ourselves do not know how these Challengers can do this, if you are brave enough to learn more than one new language during the Challenge, go for it! All language lessons count!

Can I take the Challenge for a language I'm already learning? Does it have to be a completely new language?
Of course you can! The whole purpose of the Challenge is to improve your language ability for any language. You might be an intermediate (B1 or B2) level speaker, basic (A1 or A2) speaker or someone completely new to the language. Whatever your level now, the Challenge is a great way to get started on your next language goal! I'm taking the Challenge and want to keep track of the sessions I've taken.

Where can I see this information?
For your own records, you'll need to keep track of the number of sessions you've taken yourself. Simply go to your Session History and count up your total session time. As long as the total amount of hours equals or exceeds the Challenge goal, then you have completed the Challenge!

Check your session details:

Can I join the Challenge after the official start date?
Yes, you can sign up for the Challenge until registration closes. We will also allow you to count all lesson hours starting from the start date as if you had signed up then.

For those of you who have signed up and started after the official start date, you'll just need to work even harder to fit in more hours during the Challenge period! If registration has closed and you didn’t sign up, then sorry, but it is too late for you to complete the required number of hours to win the ITC reward. But, you can still enter your email address for challenge updates and to be notified about the next Challenge!

What time zone are you using as the start and stop time for the challenge? Exactly what date and time does the Challenge begin and end?
We understand that our Challengers come from all over the world and for that reason, every time zone will count as the start time/date and end time/date. So, we’ll be flexible and consider that if it is between the start and end dates in ANY timezone, then it still counts!

When will I receive my rewards after I complete the Challenge?
The system is not automatic. We calculate all the results of the language challenge after the Challenge ends. Near the end of the Challenge time period, you will receive an email letting you know when we plan announce the results and deliver your rewards.

How do I get the rewards?
The challengers will get the rewards after the Language Challenge ends (after 29th Feb), according to the hours of lessons taken at italki (10, 20 or 30). Any participants taking more than 10 hours of lessons will enter the lucky draw of $500 for a trip.

What are the lucky draw terms and conditions?
This lucky draw is open to all the participants in the italki Language Challenge except all staff of italki and all other related promotional partners.

Every participant in the italki Language Challenge will join the lucky draw automatically upon reaching 10 hours of lessons between 16th January 2016 and 29th February 2016. The winner will be notified by email. The prize must be claimed within one month from the date of draw. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited. The date of the draw will be the 10th March 2016. Customers are to abide by the rules and regulations stated by the organizer. In case of dispute, the organizer’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

italki HK LTD reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of or withdraw this lucky draw if required by the authorities.

This is AWESOME! Tell me more! What else can I do?
Whether or not you take part in this Challenge, here’s how you can be involved! Encourage the Challengers if you know or meet anyone who is doing the italki Language Challenge, tell them they’re awesome for working hard towards their next goal! It is not easy, and with friends, it’s much more fun!

Check the italki blog for Challenge updates Besides posting updates from our partners, advice from other Challengers, and helpful advice to motivate you, we usually nominate someone from the team to take the Challenge! It’s just more fun that way:

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