Android Version Update Patch Notes

What's New

Version 0.9.20

New Features:
  • Bookmark teachers directly from Teacher Search
  • Bookmarked teachers appear in My Teachers
  • Online status for all users now shown in all lists and profiles
  • New design in Teacher and Language Partner Search, including introductions and prices
  • Fixed:
  • Various fixes to memory usage
  • Improvements:
  • New Student, Community Tutor and Professional Teacher profiles
  • New design for My Teachers, My Students and My Friends
  • Profile photos now display in a circle
  • Smoother Conversations page

Version 0.9.13

New Features:
  • Users may now log in with the Facebook account associated with their italki account
  • Fixed:
  • Errors when accessing the schedule tab of a user’s profile
  • General stability improvements
  • General fixes to time zone settings
  • Incorrect calendar display
  • Incorrect countdown timers on lesson details pages
  • Improvements:
  • Users will not be able to log in to the app when their account has been deactivated
  • Layout changes to the lesson scheduling page
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