italki Sponsorships FAQ

Welcome to italki's influencer program! Below are some questions you might have:

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How will my audience react to branded messaging?

We understand the special nature of a channel’s host and his/her viewers, and this is something we treasure and want to protect. Reactions to italki sponsored videos have been overwhelmingly positive, and we believe this is because of the added value that we provide.

We are happy to give you a taste of the italki experience by giving you a free lesson with any of our teachers! That way you will be able to give a 1st hand account of your experience.

We have seen some influencers use the following message in the description box (below the sponsored link).

DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by italki. All thoughts, comments and opinions are my own.


What does an italki-sponsored video look like?

Sponsored videos come in all shapes and sizes :) Below are some examples of videos we have sponsored in the past:

Other Ways of Life


Go Natural English


Can I use the italki logo?

Of course! In fact we strongly encourage it. You can find a list of all our logos in different sizes in our italki Style Guide


What if my audience lives in different countries?

We can create a landing page in your target audience’s language to make their journey as smooth as possible.

As a content creator, you can just create a new description box for each of the top languages that your audience speaks and include the different links in their target language description.


How can I improve the views on my videos?

There are several factors that we have noticed increase the number of views that a video receives:


- Including a question, for example: "What is the best way to learn a language?" is better than "The best way to learn a language".


- Include the title of the video in the thumbnail.


- Make sure to make your tags as descriptive as possible!


For a complete course on how to create incredible videos check YouTube's Creator Academy.


Won't my audience go to italki and leave my channel?

YouTube links open in a new tab, so the traffic won't be split and users can always come back to your channel to continue watching your videos.


Do you have any content ideas that I can use?

Of course! During the time we have been running the sponsorship program we have been taking notes on what content works and what doesn't. We have also tested many ideas coming from italki Articles and Discussions. Additionally, once we have received enough traffic from your channel we will give you a detailed analysis of their interests as well as data-driven content ideas for you to explore.


How is the fee decided on?

We calculate an initial fee by taking into account your videos' views/month and your demographics. Both of these allow us to estimate how many students we can expect to see coming from your channel and make you the best possible offer.


How do I get payed?

Payments are scheduled in the beginning of each month and are made before the 15th, taking into account the total number of videos published in the previous month. Please remember to fill this form for each video before the 2nd of every month:

Sponsored Content Submission Form

Before publishing your first video, please send us a private link so that we can review it and check that the links are working correctly!

Important notes to take before your video production:

  • Company name is pronounced “eye-talk-ee”
  • The link must be included in the first 3 lines of the description box (visible without the need to click on “SHOW MORE”).
  • italki is NOT capitalized
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