italki Site Change Log

September 12, 2016 Patch Notes

Product Update and Improvements:
  • Language Hacking has Officially Launched!
  • A search filter was added to the My Finance Page, and the format was updated
  • You can now sign up for the October Language Challenge
  • Added Guarani to the Language List
  • Added back the "Living in: city" field for the Language Partner Search
  • Added Tenpay and Wechat pay
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error on the mobile website which incorrect linked the account settings for Teachers to their User profile.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to remove their Trial teachers from the contact list
  • Referral links not working with Facebook Signups have now been fixed
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from confirming lessons on the Safari mobile website
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from booking Trial lessons on the Android APP
  • Fixed an issue which showed all Teachers to be teaching Chinese on the Android APP

August 2nd, 2016 Patch Notes

Product Update and Improvements:
  • Badges for Teachers have been added back, as well as OOPT badges
  • Language Challenge Stage 3
  • Can no longer purchase gift card through ITC. This is due to a large amount of fraud payments.
  • The referral landing page was updated - now there are new referral links leading to customized landing pages
  • A corporate landing page was created for companies
  • More Icons have been added to the Dashboard
  • Terminated packages have been removed from the lesson statistics

July 2nd, 2016 Patch Notes

Product Update and Improvements:
  • Notification with numbers instead of just a red dot
  • Language Challenge Stage 2
  • Optimizing Payment Options Display
  • Added Astropay (New Skrill payment option collections) for Latin America
  • Request to terminate package
  • Removed log-in requirement from first teacher application pages, now you do not need to be a user to be able to see the teacher application pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Unified text content (sign in -> log in)


June 20, 2016 Patch Notes

Product Update and Improvements:
  • Language Partner Search now saves previous settings
  • Added a cancel button for the searchbox to clear previous entries
  • Added a "Repeat every week" for scheduling lessons in a package option
  • Added new API links for mobile: session detail messages


Bug Fixes

  • When a lesson in a package was cancelled, the display text was incorrect. This is now fixed.
  • The branding on the gift card emails have been updated from the classic site branding
  • Lesson history notes were not being displayed correctly, this has now been fixed.


June 13, 2016 Patch Notes

The italki Language Challenge is now live!

Product Update and Improvements:
  • Not enough ITC for schedule lesson flow has been readded, users should be able to buy specific amounts of ITC for lessons
  • OOPT product readded to the italki site
  • Meta-Tags for Teacher Profiles have been added
  • There is now a Searchbox in lesson list, as well as different lesson statuses
  • Added a view button for upcoming lessons on the Dashboard
  • Added a Searchbar for the contacts list
  • Added a Searchbar for the Message list
  • Mobile/teacher profile: Video doesn't resize correctly
Bug Fixes
  • The teacher profile was not resizing properly on the mobile version of our website.
May 9, 2016 Patch Notes


  • Mobile version logging out: Added URL to Teacher's course 
  • Teacher Immediate Withdrawal funtion improvements
  • Website default language settings
  • Added missing buttons during User Logout
  • Improved User Signup and Validation Process
  • System maintenance page updates
  • Fixed the Teaching specialties settings and prevented this from triggerring another search
  • Mobile version log out: Saving Teacher Profile and Sharing Teacher Profile are now not clickable.
  • Mobile version log out: Bookmarking Teacher Profiles are now not clickable 
  • Logged out: Teacher course pop up
  • Mobile Layout: teaching languages saves search preferences

April 26, 2016 Patch Notes


  • Added teacher immediate withdrawal option as well as and improved withdrawal flow
  • Users can edit community content
  • Continuous Improvement in Sign In & Sign Up
  • Continuous Improvements in the Messaging System:
    • Message Back Button
    • Confirmation for Delete
  • Added 5 new languages for Display on the italki site
  • Handle 404 page rules
  • New Timezone Updates for Russia
  • Removed Submit Confirmation for Answers/Questions
  • Changed the text in promotion card popup text change

Bug Fixes:

  • New photo site limit was not showing up on the new website
  • iOS bug with text input fields not scrolling to display messages
  • Issue with the calendar schedule for Teachers which prevented them from changing times
  • YouKu videos not displaying on the website because of video problems
  • Fixed some problems with Safari such as the font for unlogin homepage slogan and the logo disappearing
  • Fixed an issue with Pending Data on PayPal
  • Checked spacing between last word and period
  • Fixed a bug with switching languages on the lesson detail page
  • Fixed an issue with the Check Out button disappearing

Mobile Improvements:

  • Teacher Profile: Video should resize properly now
  • Added a URL for signup/login
  • Popup: Message back button action
  • Fixed an issue with the checkout button disappearing for the following resolutions 480/768
  • Improve password reset function on mobile
  • Improved the calendar box for mobile due to the Schedule Lessons : Scrolling for Courses is not good. Can we expand the box
  • Worked on the iOS Text input field problem with scrolling
  • Logged out: removed the "How it works" page, and How it works link from Mobile MENU

Other notes:

  • No longer offering Webmoney as a payment or withdrawal method
  • No longer offering CashU as a payment method


April 12, 2016 Patch Notes


  • The Sign In / Sign up page has been improved to be clearer
  • Pop up URLs now work - Messages can be opened by clicking the message URL
  • Pop-up URLs:
    • Profiles
    • Schedule Instant Tutoring
    • Activate Promotion Code URL
    • Notifications 
    • Schedule Lesson Time
    • Transfer Credits
    • Schedule Lesson
    • Onboarding
  • Added an "email language" option in your account settings, users can now set what language they would like to receive their emails in
  • Add HREFLANG tags to avoid duplicated content across languages
  • Account Security Improvement: Add email notifications for some key information
  • Replace RU,IT,ES,CN homepage youtube video with new localized 
  • Hide Disputed Lessons from teacher profile
  • Added 5 new languages to the italki site
Bug Fixes:
  • Added a previously missing missing "pending approval" message for teachers updating their username
  • Fixed Privacy control: Cannot see my friends on my profile
  • Fixed Privacy control: Cannot see my resume on my profile
  • Shading area overflows the container in firefox (time availability calendar) - This should not happen anymore
  • Instant Tutoring automatically turns off if you have lesson within 45 minutes
  • Fixed a bug which caused a spinning red circle to appear when Student is attempting to schedule a lesson
  • Redeem promotion code popup text change
Mobile Improvements:
  • Mobile: Background scrolling when Modal is open
  • Messages: Images from administrator don't resize
  • Messages: Confirmations for delete
  • Messages: Delete / Report drop down only half visible , change position


March 14, 2016 Patch Notes


  • Onboarding process has been improved - Users will now have to choose their own timezone instead of having one assigned to them based on their IP.
  • Instant tutoring availability will be shown in normal teacher search results
  • Removed the ability for users to 'thumbs up' or 'like' their own posts.
  • Added the ability to delete your own messages on the mobile version of italki.
  • Added the character count for all entry fields so they display at the bottom. You no longer have to submit the message before finding that you are over the character limit.
  • The pop-up video in the Teacher Search list now works, before the video wouldn't pop up.
  • The default setting for Instant Tutoring Teacher Search is now set to ALL, previously it was to Professional Teachers.
  • Changed it so when you change your Student History to private, you should still be able to see your own lesson history.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused the shading error in the container located in Time Availability Calendar to overflow on Firefox


February 29, 2016 Patch Notes


  • Sharing on teacher profile has now been enabled
  • Teacher Search is now available on Mobile
  • New languages added:
    • Add Arabic additions
    • Add Dari and Faroese
    • Add Balochi
    • Add Greek (Ancient)
    • Add Blackfoot (Niitsi'powahsin)
    • Add Japanese (Okinawan)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the schedule session button, you should no longer be seeing the 400 error.
  • Fixed a bug with instant tutoring which sometimes caused some notifications to not work.
  • Fixed a bug with instant tutoring when toggled off.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the mobile version to be unable to activate promotion card links.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Teacher availability to not update properly, allowing lessons to be booked in times that aren't available.
  • Fixed an bug with some students getting a weird error message when trying to book packages.
  • Fixed a bug with the calendar which caused several days to repeat.
  • Fixed a bug with teacher certificate of education disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Google Hangouts icon to not display during lesson details.
  • Fixed several spelling errors on the website.
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