Russian Time Zone Change, March 27, 2016 - April 12, 2016

To all students and teachers in:

Astrakhan Oblast
Ulyanovsk Oblast
Altai Krai
Altai Republic
Zabaykalsky Krai
Sakhalin Oblast

Due to new time changes, beginning Sunday, March 27 your time zone settings will be incorrect. We are waiting for a vendor update that will adjust your time zones, but it is not available before April 12. In the interim, you will need to manually account for the one hour difference, or change your time zone according to the following:

Astrakhan Oblast & Ulyanovsk Oblast switch to: Russia Time Zone 3 - (UTC+04:00) Izhevsk, Samara (RTZ 3)
Altai Republic & Altai Krai switch to: North Asia Standard Time - (UTC+07:00) Krasnoyarsk (RTZ 6)
Zabaykalsky Krai switch to: Yakutsk Standard Time - (UTC+09:00) Yakutsk (RTZ 8)
Sakhalin Oblast switch to: Russia Time Zone 10 - (UTC+11:00) Chokurdakh (RTZ 10)

After April 12, you will need to manually adjust your time zone settings back to your proper location. During this time, please take extra care to confirm lesson times with your teachers and students to avoid missed lessons.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

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