What are the long teacher introduction, the short teacher introduction and the teacher status notification? How can I edit them?

On italki, we have 3 different types of introductions for our teachers:

1. Short Introduction

2. Long Introduction

3. Status Notification

What are They?

They each have a different purpose and will appear in a different place for potential students. We have three in order to give students a sufficient amount of information to assist them in picking a teacher.

In creating these three introductions, we ask you to try to consider and answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of teacher are you, and what experience, qualifications, or certifications do you have?
  2. What are your class topics or specialties? 
  3. What are your classes like?
  4. What type of student are you looking for? And what type have you worked with before?
  5. What (if anything) will you provide for your students?
  6. What (if anything) do you require from your students (e.g. software)?
  7. What’s your expected response time?

Now we'll take you through the different introductions.

Short Introduction

This is what appears when students search for a teacher. It appears on the teacher search and can give students an insight into what a lesson with you might entail.

We feel that it is a great place to give students a fantastic first impression of who you are, your personality and what kind of teacher you are.  If you aren’t sure what to write, you might try something like these starters:

  • I am ….
  • I specialize in …
  • If you want to improve your … … please contact me!

We recommend that if you can help students prepare for a specific test or exam or specialize in a certain topic.

Please make sure to include that information so interested students can find you right away.

Try to include all the basic information that a student might want to know before choosing to read more about you.

It doesn't appear on your teacher profile, but it is the easiest way to bring students onto your profile.

Long Introduction

This is what appears when students go to your teacher profile. It can prove as a good measure of what students can expect from a lesson from you and why they should pick you in greater detail. 


We also find that it can be annoying to students if the long introduction merely repeats a lot of what the short introduction has already told them, and so we suggest you avoid this.

If you have a specific policy on cancellations that differs from italki's standard 24-hour policy, please let students know in your long introduction.

Status Notification

Your status notification should tell students whether or not you want to accept new students, what type of students you are looking for (e.g. Beginners, Adults etc.), what times you are available (although that will also appear in your schedule) and your response time to requests.

It will appear in a green box (red if you are not accepting new students) on the right hand side of your profile, as shown in the above screenshot.

How do I change them?

It is very easy to change your introductions.

First, click on your photo in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Next, click on "Teacher Settings"

When the next page has loaded, scroll down to "Teacher Profile Information," and then you can adjust the three introductions.


Please bear in mind, the long introduction change has to be approved by our Teacher Support Team, so it will not update on your profile immediately.




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