Closing italki Classic Site on August 17th, 2016

We've extended the deadline to shut down our classic site to August 17th!  

As we hope you are already aware, italki has gone to great lengths in recent months to optimize the experience we are able to offer our students, teachers, and community members online, toward which goal we have made numerous additions and improvements to the latest edition of

While we have maintained italki Classic throughout these developments, we feel the time has come to complete the transition onto our new platform, and will begin closing down access to the old site on August 17th, 2016.

We need to close our Classic Site because as we continue making improvements to the current new site  (, many of these features won't work on the Classic Site.  The Classic Site will stop working and won't function properly conflicting with functions on the new site.  This will only lead to frustration for users on both sites.  Additionally, closing the classic site allows us to focus all our development efforts on the current new site as we no longer need to dedicate valuable resources to the classic site.

Though we understand that some members of our community continue to favor the previous platform, we hope that you will take this opportunity to become familiar with the new italki and the many, many improvements we have made since first rolling it out earlier this year.  If you haven't used the new site, please try it out again.  We know that it may take some getting used to.  Many of the original issues that Classic Site users have been fixed and improved and we're excited to be launching some great new features!

Going forward the current italki site will continue to be the focus of our efforts to make italki the best language learning platform on the web. 

We are available at to help with any questions or issues you may have as you orient yourself with the new site. We are proud of the improvements the new platform has allowed us to make so far, and look forward to bringing you a better experience in the future. 

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