Language Hacking - Teach Yourself FAQs

What is Language Hacking?

Language Hacking is a course developed by the publishing company Teach Yourself and Benny Lewis to get you speaking from day one. The method challenges you to learn through experience by completing missions based on challenging real-life conversation scenarios.  

How is italki participating in this project?

italki is partnering with Teach Yourself and Benny Lewis to provide a space where language enthusiasts can upload videos of their completed missions and exchange advice with other community members.

Do I need to sign up for italki to use the Language Hacking section?

Yes, in order to submit mission videos to the Language Hacking section you will need to register an account on italki first. Don’t worry, sign-up is completely free.

Do I need to buy italki lessons to use the Language Hacking section?

No, you can submit your videos without buying lessons on italki. However, a good approach to completing the missions would be to work with an italki teacher to develop your fluency on the related topics in your target language.

Can I access the Language Hacking section without the book?

Yes, you can access the Language Hacking section and submit missions even if you dont have the book. However, the book is strongly recommended, as it provides the content and guidance you will need to succeed on the missions.

Why do I need to enter an activation code?

When you enter your activation code you will get a special badge identifying you as a language hacker on italki, along with access to all the tools you’ll need to succeed on Benny’s missions.

How do I complete a Language Hacking mission?

Make a video of yourself responding to the mission challenge, upload it to youtube, and include the link to the youtube video in the box provided when you submit your mission. For an example of a mission well completed, check out

How do I find the Teach Yourself audio materials?

You can go to the following link for listening to the audio and other materials:

If you want to download the materials, you must do this through the Teach Yourself app.



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