Explanation of the italki Payment System for Scheduling Lessons

When a student requests a session with a teacher, the teacher has to accept and confirm the session.  
At the moment you request a lesson, we do charge your student account, but we do not give that payment to the teacher.  We keep it safe in a separate account. It will be shown as a "Lesson Request" in the "Student Wallet."

If the teacher does not accept your lesson, then after the lesson expires, the italki Credits will be returned to your Student Wallet, and you will be able to see a "Refund" payment within your student wallet. If the lesson was completed properly, then once you confirm that the lesson was complete, the italki Credits will be transferred to the Teacher's Wallet.

You can also view the details of which particular lesson those charges are related to by pressing the button "View Details."

If you and your teacher agree to cancel a session after it has been scheduled, then you will see the italki Credits reappear in your "Student Wallet" also as a "Refund" payment.

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