What are "Teacher Quality" tags?

There are 3 types of Teacher "Tags" that you can use to show what you do best on italki. 

  • Teaching Specialties - show which students you would most like to teach
  • Personal Tags - let students know more about you
  • Teacher Quality Tags - students choose what they appreciate about your lessons

"Teacher Quality" tags are part of a new (beta) "Endorsements" system.

italki Teacher qualities include 9 tags. All of the tags are positive and give students a chance to say what they appreciate about you.

This feature is still in beta - it is an experiment to see whether it is helpful to use these tags. italki will be collecting information about how students use these tags to determine how to best develop this feature. We hope that you will also find the feedback helpful.  If a student "endorses" you for a tag, you may receive a notification.

Students will see these tags when they leave lesson feedback. If the student feels that one of these tags describes you, they can click on the tag to show they agree.

The first 3 teacher quality tags are available for student endorsement on every lesson feedback form.

    1. Punctual
    2. Prepared
    3. Supportive

      An additional 6 teacher quality tags are available to be endorsed during lesson feedback for student’s second lesson, fifth lesson, and every 5 lessons after that. This is because the students may need to know you a little better in order to choose one of these tags.

    4. Competent
    5. Attentive 
    6. Enthusiastic
    7. Honest
    8. Likeable
    9. Empathic

What do students see?

Students will see the tags after a lesson when they leave feedback.  In the example below, the student has chosen to rate the teacher as "Punctual". There is no limit to the number of tags the student can choose.

Because it is the student's 8th lesson, they can only choose from the first three tags. On the student's 10th lesson, they will be able to choose from any of the tags. 





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