Are “niche” lesson course options helping or hurting you?



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    Andrew Pronunciation

    Good article, James. Thank you for reminding me that I need to diversify my own course offerings. I think having a niche on italki nowadays doesn't always work, especially if italki is your livelihood.

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    English with Angela

    Being restricted to six classes means I can't offer all my expertise (from 40 years of teaching Business and English subjects). I have a number of general courses, and I also have a number of specialist options.  However, several options have to be bunched up together, due to the lack of course options I am allowed to create, and this stops me from marketing myself effectively to niche groups.  For example, I have a receptionist/PA course, and it has to be bunched in with other business coure options, (thus no student has taken it for years) italki don't allow this option to be advertised separately, so interested students miss it.  I am 100% certain that there are receptionists and PAs out there who have missed my course and would have taken it, had they noticed it as a separate course option.  Italki is NOT serving my needs.  

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