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How do I manage my Teaching Specialties? (What are Teacher "Tags"?)



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    Is there a possibility to add TEFaQ as a French exam and oovoo as a teaching tool? Thanks!

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    Tracy Mehoke

    Hi there  - if there are Specialties / Tags you would like to add, but you don't see them yet, please write to us and let us know.

    If you want one for a language proficiency exam, please write to with the following information:

    1. Language being tested
    2. Test name acronym
    3. Full name of test

    4. Official website

    5. Organizing company or agency

    6. Any other information about the test

    Here is an example:

    1. English
    2. IELTS
    3. International English Language Testing System


    5. "IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment"


      "IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment through more than 900 test centres and locations in over 130 countries."

    We'll get this information updated as quickly as we can so you can let students know what tests you'd like to help them prepare for.

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    A tag for conversation would be useful too... Thanks!

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    I agree with Helene.  A tag for conversation would be very useful.  I think a tag for "proofreading and editing" would also be great. I had an instant tutoring request a while ago. The student didn't actually want to talk, but just wanted me to check the grammar in their paper. They paid me the same rate for an hour-long lesson and offered to pay more if the editing had taken longer than one hour. 

    Also, I would like to see language tags added to the Teacher Specialties.  For example, I would like a tag for "Arabic" or "Speaks Arabic" to my Teaching Specialties.  I work as an Arabic translator and have years of experience teaching English to native Arabic-speaking students.  I am well qualified to help teach English to beginner level students who speak Arabic because I speak their language and understand a lot of their grammatical structures. So, I am able to tell students the differences and similarities between Arabic and English.  I can also translate unknown words if a student gets stuck. I'm sure there are other teachers just like me who know more than one language.  They may teach just one language, but they should also be recognized in the Teaching Specialties for knowing other languages as well. Thanks!!!

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    I second the requests for "conversation" and "proofreading and editing" tags.

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    I find it strange that teachers were not consulted before those few random tags were added. It is so hard to add new tags now? Why does it take so long? It is not professional, in my opinion.

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    Tracy Mehoke

    Hello all,Thank you for the comments. 

    To respond briefly, though we did not contact all teachers, we did ask a large number of randomly-selected teachers to complete a survey in which we asked about Teaching Specialties.  We got a number of very good responses, and based on the responses, we chose this small number of tags to start off with.  It does take some time to go from planning and design to actual implementation of new features.  Based on how the tags work in practice, we do plan to add more tags as it seems useful, and we'd like your feedback on what you think would be useful.


    If you have specific suggestions for a tag, please send the suggestion along with your reasoning of how it will help make a good match between teachers and students to - we do take all suggestions into consideration.


    Students are already able to search for a teacher who teaches one language and speaks another, and teaching profiles also display the different languages a teacher speaks (as well as the level), but if you think there is additional information that we can represent through teaching specialties tags, please let us know.  Email - we check every email, and can respond much more easily.

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    Tracy Mehoke

    Regarding the current requests for "conversation" and "proofreading and editing" tags,


    if a teacher chooses to offer "Informal Tutoring" (which automatically causes you to also appear in a Community Tutor search even if you are a Professional Teacher), then by definition, the teacher is inviting "conversation" class requests.  So, adding this tag would not add much information.  But, if you have ideas that will help students search for teachers more specifically, please do email them to


    A "proofreading and editing" tag is a good suggestion because many teachers do not offer or do not want to offer such writing services, and there is not currently a good way for students who need this service to search for a teacher.  In our surveys, this received a positive response, so seeing your suggestion helps us confirm that this may be a good tag to add in the near future.  Thank you for the feedback.  For any other comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact italki Support using the provided email address.

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