italki Classroom Updates: Optional Alternative Communication Tool



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    Dr Daryl


    Italki has been a wonderful experience for me.   It has helped me to gain so much experience as a first time teacher.


    Can Italki put out proposed change ideas to the teachers before implementing  them?    Then get feedback before the  time and energy is put into software updates that the teachers do not want.

    The new Italki Classroom does not work well for me at all!

    In addition only being able to select one communication method does not work for me either.   

      I use both skype and zoom during my classes.   Skype for text and zoom for voice.


    Can Italki let teachers opt out of the classroom and not let the students pick this method of classes with me?


    Italki is a marketing tool for teachers and students to find each other, schedule classes and arrange for payment.  

    Italki is wise to build a win win relationship with the teachers and not dictate how the classes are run.   This should be left up to the  teacher to decide what works best!

    Dr Daryl

    Happy Teacher on Italki

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    Eva B

    The italki classroom has worked well for me with a student in China, since we have problems using Skype, but I have one suggested improvement - at the end of the lesson when I click the button to leave the classroom, a message pops up to ask whether there were any problems. This is a very uncomfortable moment, because I am always mid-wave, saying goodbye to my student, and he or she is still looking at me while I still haven't left and suddenly have to fill out some feedback or find the exit button. It would be such a huge improvement if the first button exited you from the classroom, and then the feedback form popped up so that the teacher can fill it out calmly without any rush.

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    Eva B Maybe because except people out of HK and Macau the others do not have skype, facebook, google etc. But honestly, I find it only useful to Chinese students and we can not send files or documents. Then I use google and with google italki classes make my computer restart, so I had to install firefox only for Chinese students who can not use skype. 

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