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Feedback on the New Message System



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    How do I delete messages of people that I no longer talk to?  

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    John W

    This new system is terrible. It is too easy to miss a lesson request. I have already lost one and almost lost another. Lesson requests need to stand out from other messages and should be clearly marked until dealt with. Please bring back the old system!

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    I second Katherine's question.

    In addition, I used to receive notification by e-mail of a new message on italki.  Now, if I don't log in frequently, I have no way of knowing if I've received a message.

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    With the new message system I don't get an email anymore that there is a new message. It is terrible, because you have to look all the time in Italki to see if there are new messages. Normally when I have booked a lesson, I don't look anymore untill class start or until I get an email that there is a message. But because I don't get emails anymore, I miss relevant information about the classes.

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    I don't usually get involved in this sort of discussion, but my goodness, you´ve managed to make a terrible mess of your messaging system! Messages no longer work on the iphone app, and online, there is no longer a clear demarkation between lesson requests and messages. This is very confusing and could easily lead to lesson requests being missed. Please change back to the old system. It wasn't broken, so why did you feel the need to fix it?

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    Mumtaz (Edited )

    I really didn't expect it to be like this!

    I agree with John W and Dave!

    I just sent a message to my friend using the new system, and the words would just cut in half if they became at the end of the line (you don't see this until after the message is sent), and when I try to start a new line, my message would be sent instead!

    Except for the "recall" button that allows us to get the message back and edit it, I think the new messaging system is against everything I like. I just hate to use it as a chat feature! I don't like it when people do this to me and send short messages instead of one long message, so why would I do it to others! It's simply annoying.

    Also getting my lessons notifications and anything related to my classes through the messaging system doesn't feel right. it used to be better the way it was.

    I don't mean to be negative, but this is the truth and I hope you take it as a feedback from someone who cares.

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    Prof Aline

    I totally agree! The new message system is very annoying, and in the last few days I have missed several messages from students, since we no longer receive notifications through emails.

    The fact that messages are no longer linked to specific lessons is also very confusing. I am teaching families with several kids, and they used to write me a message to tell me which lesson was for which child. With the old message system this was clear and easy to see. With the new message system it is no longer possible to do it, since all messages are linked together, and this is a mess.

    If we have to keep the new message system, then at least it would be nice to have the option of filtering them, in order to avoid useless messages (like "you accepted a lesson request"), and see right away important messages.


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    - revert to the old appearance and layout of the Notifications section

    - separate the Messages and Notifications

    - revert to the previous Message appearance, layout and functionality

    - allow messages and notifications to be deleted

    - fix the text wrapping problem

    - fix the Notifications counter

    - please take the constructive comments and advice of the many good italki members into consideration and act on their comments.

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    Starry Night (Edited )



    To Whom it May Concern

    I totally agree with everyone who wants the old features back. Using the new Notifications and Messaging features is quite laborious and confusing. I hate to say this but I think putting notifications and messages in one place is not a good idea, sorry. The old features were more convenient to use.  

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    I'm going to jump in again to emphasize how absurd I find the wraparound problem to be on a language learning site.  In addition to trying to understand the meaning of words in a message on the site, language learners are forced to decipher half words that are split between two lines. 

    For example, here's a sentence I just sent in a message, as rendered by the new software:

    As you may have seen, I'm con

    sidering moving to Spain, so I'd like the chance to hear Spaniards speak.

    Why the heck should someone learning English have to figure out if "con" and "sidering" are two separate words?  Sheesh.

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    Lucia 露西亚

    Please undo this update. It wasn't broken, why try to fix it?
    This new message system will probably make teachers miss important information and even lesson requests. Notifications are more important than messages. I receive lots of silly messages like "hi" and therefore I prioritize checking notifications and not messages. Now, I have to check the messy inbox and I need to scroll up or down to see the request, if any.
    Also, I click on the name of the person and it does not take me to the person's profile. 
    I had sent my teacher important messages regarding my study plan for a package I bought and now those messages disappeared. PLEASE REVERT TO THE OLD MESSAGING SYSTEM. 

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    My messages are not sending to my students. It gives me a red exclamation and then disappears. Is it just mine?

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    This new system is horrible! It is difficult to see new requests among messages. When I accept a lesson request I then have a new message notifying me for that (completely useless). My inbox is messy. It is confusing and it makes me lose a lot of time. I agree with previous feedbacks: please go back to the old system.

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    It doesn't make sense to have lesson notifications in the messaging system, it means you have to search through a load of stuff just to find actual messages.

    In the phone app, the message system is clearly not even working properly, as I have "new messages" with no actual content.

    Text formatting in messages has a problem with wrapping text mid-word and missing characters.

    Also I think it was better when you could see all messages (regardless of sender) in order of time received. Having to search for a person to see the messages is laborious.

    It just seems that this implementation was poorly thought out and not tested properly.


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    Melina Kor

    Wow! This update is for the better? In what sense exactly? I have almost missed 3 lesson requests due to the fact that we don't receive emails anymore. Thank God a student just messaged me and told me he has requested a lesson for tomorrow or I would have never known and while accepting that, I found two more lessons awaiting acceptance. Plus the notifications should be separate from the messages. Why would we have to look through all messages and passed lessons to finally find a request? Please return to the older system. It was 100% better than this. If this new system remains the same we will only end up with frustrated teachers and students for missed lessons. None of us will be happy with missed lessons, students, teachers and italki. Please respect our opinions and understand the confusion here. This update was horrible. I personally have never had a problem with the older version.


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    Chris Tooze

    Sorry Italki, but I agree with the comments about notification for lessons and messages. These should be separate. It will result in teachers missing lesson requests and you will lose money as a result. Please, please can you change this? 

    Second, you need to fix the issue with words appea


    on mo

    re than 

    one lin

    e, see h



    ing i 

    t is



    Especially for people trying to learn a language.


    Please listen and change this asap.

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    Luciana Pegoraro

    Terrible mess with the messages. Lesson messages were so important and convenient. It kept everything organized. Now it's mixed with useless notification like the one received when a lesson was accepted and I was the person who accepted the lesson.

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    The old appearance was more useful. The new appearance makes it difficult to see messages. Also the messenger seems to have some bugs. My students and I cannot see each other's messages sometimes. The notifications are rather annoying. Checking the bell notifications before made things much easier. The session notifications, inbox messenger, and requests should be separate, not cluttered and mashed together like it is now. Even when the messages are visible, the sentences are often cut off mid-sentence and the words split in half too. This confusing new appearance is causing messages to go unseen. If someone sends one single message, it can easily get buried under the big time notifications and the session details that are all mashed into one.

    A lot of my students had to go to Skype to send me a message or let me know they have made a request.

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    Ana Martínez Suárez

    La acualización es un verdadero paso atrás en el uso d ela plataforma.  La app móvil ya no sirve y es realmente complicado distinguir peticiones de clase de mensajes normales. Por no hablar que dejar un comentario pasa de ser un clic a ser 3. No tenemos tiempo para esto.

    Messages no longer work on the iphone app, and online, there is no longer a clear demarkation between lesson requests and messages.

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    I am so sorry but this new message box is really annoying! :/ 

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    Raul Reyes

    just terrible, i have 4 or more upcoming lessons with the same teacher, and  Sometimes i send messages about a specific lesson, but now they are all mixed.

    the previous  system was just perfect...

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    Impossible to use effectively. Why would you remove the lesson messages? How are we suppose to send messages regarding certain lessons, should we constantly have to refer to the time/date of the lesson? And calculating the time difference to avoid confusion? Because I never send general messages to students. They are ALWAYS concerning a specific lesson because im teaching, not chit chatting and making friends. This is not facebook or social media....!

    And why do we need notifications about every action we do? If I just left feedback 2seconds ago, is that really equally important as receiving a message from a student? Because that what the system implies. Im the one writing the feedback/accepting requests etc so why do i need to be notified about my own actions..?

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    Hey iTalki,

    looks like NO ONE likes the new message system. If you're not going to change it back at least tell us how to delete messages! I have so many messages from random men I need to delete.


    Thanks in advance....

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    Sorry but the new message system is a mess and confusing. It was better when everything stood out on it's own. Lesson requests, lesson messages and normal messages. It's way more handy to have lesson messages apart from other messages, I've already had a misunderstanding with a student cause of this. Not to mention the email notifications for these messages. The thing that we lost with the new system. I don't think it's a good idea to log in frequently during the day to check through the names if any of them has sent a message.

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    I absolutely agree with the complaints.

    Useless, spam-like notifications. I don't need to be notified about my accepting a request or giving feedback. And all the useless notifications about a lesson starting in .... minutes. I have a calendar for that.

    There should be a clear separation between lesson requests, lesson messages and notifications (with the option to receive them on italki or via email or not at all). I, too, almost missed a message from a student. Before, it was working fine. 

    This is really a mess and makes one wonder if there was any user test before the implementation. I reckon there wasn't.

    I do hope our feedback will not be in vain.

    Kind regards

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    Astrid Machado

    I realized that Italki is not sending a notification when a regular students sends a message, in the past I used to received a notification in my email which was good because I could notice right way, but today a regular student sent me a message about the lesson (she wasn’t going to attend it and she wanted me to know) and I saw the message just because I opened Italki not because of my email and I saw it also because I am curious person so I always check why there is a red point on the messages, because not it is more confusing than ever, I mean every time someone sends a request, or confirms a lesson or I confirm a lesson, it appears a red point on the messages. This is not good, in the past students usually didn’t pay attention to our messages on Italki (well not all the students) so now they are gonna pay less attention :( ...

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    All of these complaints just make me wonder if anyone reads this and all the other threads at all. We have been complaining about the new messaging system since Day 1 and I have not seen one single reply from Italki saying something like: "Sorry for your frustration with the messages and notifications. We are on it. We will try and put everything in order asap." 

    I am sorry to say this but it is rather disappointing to see the way support works here compared to other international sites of this size.

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    Petra... You are 100% correct. The good members who are providing italki with helpful feedback and advice deserve a response.

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    I just sent the following to


    To: Kevin Chen

    Co-Founder and CEO, italki

    Dear Mr. Chen:

    Kudos to your staff on setting up a message board for feedback on the recent changes. I appreciate and admire your staff's interest in promoting discussion about the recent overhaul of the site. My guess is they saw my comment on another user's post elsewhere on the site and looped me in as a result.*

    I can only speak for myself, but the goodwill generated by this gesture has evaporated. Now, a week later, your company has received many critiques of the changes to the system – all legitimate, in my opinion – but as others have just pointed out on the message board, the company has declined to respond to any concerns stated there.

    It's obvious that the current messaging system is far inferior to the previous one, both for students and for teachers. In addition, your site's claims about functionality are just plain wrong – it's not possible to recall a message; heck, it's not even possible to delete a message, even from users I have not corresponded with for months.

    Your site may have been first out of the gate with this approach to learning a language, but there are many viable alternatives out there. Some use italki's fee-based model, some have a flat fee (all you can eat), and some have no fees. If I have understood correctly, yours is a profit-based company, so I'm at a loss to understand why you are so unresponsive to your customers.

    Yes, inertia will always keep some teachers and some students on your site. But surely you are aware of the many, many bloggers out there who review language-learning sites. I expect that in due time they will begin revising their reviews of italki to assess the recent changes, and I expect the assessments will be negative.

    I would appreciate receiving information on your company's plans with respect to the recent overhaul of the site.

    Thank you.

    *Please note that e-mails sent to me on this subject state, ”You are receiving this comment notification because you subscribed to updates on the article 'Feedback on the New Message System.'” This is incorrect; I did not subscribe, but I am fine receiving the updates.


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    Well said Peter... diplomatic, respectful, yet emphatic. Customer service, as you've said, is critical to the success of any business.

    I recently asked italki support why one of the well-intentioned discussions I began regarding the new system was removed.
    The response from italki support simply advised that I should make my comments on the newly established Message Feedback section (i.e., here) 
    In other words, they ignored my question and chose not to answer my reasonable question.
    Now some would consider that response disrespectful and as some of us know, that's no way to run a business.
    All of this is so unfortunate because italki is a great website and the users, members, teachers, tutors and students are a great group of people.

    Here's hoping...

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