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Feedback on the New Message System



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    From the notification on the new italki "beta" site. (beta=testing phase)

    To teach or manage your students, please continue to use We will notify you when the teacher related features are available for TESTING.

    Everyone should check it out to understand what students are seeing. These are the first things I noticed.

    1.Prices for lessons: The lowest price is shown. My 30 minute lesson price instead of my 60 minute price. 

    2. Advertising random teachers to choose from at bottom 1/3 of page. This is outside of the "find a teacher" page without any filters used.

    3. The page automatically shows prices in the country you reside in. You need to change the option manually each visit.

    Please share anything else that you notice so we can learn from each other. 

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    Don't like the new format!

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    I do not really like that new format for messages, I do not realize when I receive a message from a student who asks me a question or notifies me of a last minute cancellation, it is horrible, really, I would like to have the old format. Also, I do not like to receive a notification whether they leave me a comment or if I do it to the student, it is uncomfortable.

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    El nuevo sistema de mensajería es muy confuso. Creo que un 90% de los profesores opinan eso. Entonces, por qué no lo han cambiado? Con el sistema antiguo todo funcionaba muy bien.  

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    Dr Daryl

    I also find the new messaging system harder to view.   The previous messaging system was easier to follow.     

    I read here that emails are no longer sent for class requests.    Thats not a good idea.    Many more classes will be missed.

    I applaud your efforts to improve your website.    It is also wise to listen to the feed back from your customers regarding changes.

    Dr Daryl

    Happy teacher on Italki

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    It wasn't broke, so why did you try to fix it?  You made things much worse.  The new messaging system is atrocious.  Please get rid of this piece of garbage and go back to the old system that worked just fine.  I keep receiving messages from italki stating that I've received a message on italki.  When I go to italki's site, it tells me that urgent action is required.  Unfortunately, there is no message explaining what "urgent action" is required!  Plus, when students send me messages on italki, I don't receive a personal e-mail regarding this now.  Honestly, who thought of this garbage update?!?  I know italki's reps have said they are aware of the problem and are working on it, but they've been working on it for a while now and we're still stuck with this piece of garbage.  How hard it it to go back to the system that worked before you destroyed it?

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    Michael McCristall

    I'm not a fan of it. I think I understand what it was supposed to be, but I don't think it accomplished its purpose. I do like that italki is trying things you make the experience better. I just don't think this one worked.

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    I find unnecessary to receive notifications in the form of private messages between me and the student. The importan messages that I need to communicate with my students or the ones they send me get lost with the so many notification messages. It isn't necessary to receive a message when I accept a request or when start time is getting closer etc etc, I prefer how it was before I would get notifications on my email and the chat between me and the student was a separate one.

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    I'd love to be able to toggle an option that turns off the behavior that pressing Enter = sending a message like LinkedIn has. To send a message with proper paragraphs, I need to type it up in notepad first, which is a huge pain.


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    Allison... Just press ENTER + SHIFT to move to the next line below. This step should not be necessary, but such is italki's MO.


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    I found nothing to wish you all except a year free of italki excellent updates :D

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    Mumtaz... You certainly have a very imaginative mind. What a clever, meaningful wish for anyone, i.e., a year without italki upgrades. I hope 2019 will be a great year for you. Don't forget to take time to stop and smell the roses.


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    Samar (Edited )

    Really this new version sucks !!!

    i can't add a note or a discussion or even to understand how my teacher profile or even the student one looks like

    please bring back the old version and if you want to add new options maybe it will be ok 

    but this new one is really horrible and people will search for other sites 


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    Carolina Diaz


    Thanks for the improvements, I like the design. On the other hand, please keep notifications separated from messages. Some of my students don't check the platform often and are missing reschedule request and messages as well.

    Thanks again,

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    Shachi Chotia

    Did you seriously feel any real need to design a new messaging scheme? It's horrible anyway. Please switch back to the old system immediately. Its surprising how popular and well established websites, develop them into more confusing and less effective interfaces.

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    Bad idea! I just miss a message from an student because Italki did't let me know I had a new message. Future lessons, complete lessons, messages from students, its all mix and difficult to find. Please go back to the old system, why change it if it worked well?

    the new one is terrible

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    Maritza Polanco

    I've missed important student messages because the new system does a poor job of indicated new vs old messages as well as messages becoming buried too far down the list and getting lost.

    Also, why aren't message contents included in email anymore?

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    I just wanted to say this new italki messaging system is TERRIBLE and annoying. Notifications and messages should have been distinct. Everything is messed up now and confuses me. I recieve en email that you have new messages on italki and when I check them I find out they are just the lesson requestes that I have already accepted and the feedbacks that I have already left. When someone sent me a message on italki, I recieved a notification on email that for example Sara has sent you a message, but now there is no name and you recieve loads of messages all mixed up that is really confusing. Please change this new system. There was nothing wrong with the old system :(

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    Now that we have all our notifications, messages, inquiries, chat and lesson related information in one place and that our e-mail notifications do not include the original text of messages, italki reminds me of those classifieds' sites that are free to browse and use but require a subscription to let you access your inbox. I wonder.

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    Marc Nicolet

    I know that you're working hard on improving the system and I am very thankful about that but please let's get back to the old message system asap, I've already missed some news students' requests, I always have tons of irrelevant messages, it's everything but convenient. Thanks and Happy New Year :)

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    Ehsan Abbaspour


    Ever since the change, I have not used the message section at all as it has mixed the notifications and messages. I only get the requests on the app. I don't get the point of making changes with something which was working pretty well! It is nonfunctional and useless now. I receive 5-6 messages for a single lesson I teach. It's a mess.

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    Please bring back the old system! Why would you like to change it if nothing was wrong with it? This new messaging system is just CONFUSING. Simple: Just Bring back the old system! 

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    Tobias (Edited )

    Is it too much to ask to have a company roll out an update and it not being an example of horrible programming that is completely out of touch with the experience that the users want and have been accustomed to for multiple years?

    I log in to find all my deleted conversations having been revived, and to remove them I have to click on each individually, open up an options box, close conversation, and then do it again for each one. What happened to just having a dustbin adjacent to the message which you click and then move onto the next?

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    I am really frustrated with this new message system and it even becomes worse than before. I already got two messages from potential students where they inform me that they don’t see my messages to them. I need to re-send messages but again and again they don’t see them. Italki must fix this problem

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    Bonnie U.

    Now, not only have we a problem with the notification/messaging system but I have found out that my calendar is not synced to my availability. I only found that out because I have to reschedule a lesson with a student and I am showing up as available on Sundays (when I don't work) but not available this Friday when I have 2 more possible hours. Has anybody else got this problem?

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    I'm just starting to use iTalki, looking for my first teacher today, and my problem with the message system is simple: I can't get it to display anything.

    The message page shows two horizontal bars saying "Action Required" and "iTalki Admin"...and nothing else. Clicking on either just selects the bar, with nothing else displayed. The notification badge that brought me to the messages page is also now gone, so maybe the messaging system thinks I've been able to read the messages? Hint: I haven't.

    Not really asking for support here, just letting you know that something's, you know, wonky.

    (Safari on OS X 10.14.2, all ad blockers already disabled.)

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    I think the former layout and functionality were way better.

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    Astrid Machado

    It's very frustrating the fact that students don't see our messages anymore, they don't receive italki notifications so they don't realize they have messages because it's annoying for them to check italki every day in case they recive something. ITALKI, CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS? ... Also when there are other notifications the messages get lost. 

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    Sam Grigg

    I am finding the new system particularly difficult. I am regularly missing messages from students because they are lost in the see of lesson reminders and notifications. If I have a student with regular lessons it can even be a problem to find the message within their own chat stream. I would prefer to have all the lesson notifications kept completely separate from the student messages, as they were before, it is much cleaner and means teachers, and students, are not missing out on opportunities. It's particularly frustrating because not all notifications sync to mobile so I have to check everything on my computer to have even half a chance.

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