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    Luciana Pegoraro

    Regarding number 5, if the student or teacher has just 1 lesson booked per week, it's ok. When it's more than that, it's a mess! Lesson message and package message need to be separated! When I sent a lesson or package message it was about that specific lesson or package. 

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    Lesson messages are about a specific lesson and should be found in this specific lesson's details. The platform messages are for generic conversation or contact. We shouldn't have to sieve through 100 messages to find the one that matters.

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    I'm sorry to say, but the new message system is rerally inconvenient. a good idea could be :
    to notify users with sounds that a new message / request has been received.

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    Maureen M.

    The new message system is awful. I no longer get an email to tell me I have a message and they're getting hidden amongst all the lesson notifications. AWFUL.

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    I have paid $39 for a set of lessons but so far I have not had any as my teacher's internet connection is not working. But my account shows a nil balance when I should still show $39. I don't understand your system. Please explain.

    James McMullan

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    Melody D.

    I don't get message notifications anymore with the new system! It's so unpleasant to use when you need to scroll through lesson notifications and messages. 

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    I've been finding this new system very difficult since its inception. Miscommunications and misunderstandings with students abound!! Also, even though I do now receive an email telling me when there's a message for me, I don't get directed to the message when I click on the link in the email, and when I log in on the site and click on the old message icon, there's just no sign of any messages at all! I have no idea how many dormant message I may have, lingering out there in cyberspace... possibly from potential new students. 

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    New Messaging system.  JUST DREADFUL!  What UX 'expert' dreamt up this nightmare? As a very active tutor here, it has made life so much more difficult.  Session requests and changes are now hidden from me.  Fake new messages are flagged but meaningless.  It had been working well, and highlighted what I needed to know. I am a retired desktop GUI designer-programmer and I can tell you with authority this UI is simply wrong for the teachers, matches the awful decisions recently made in SKYPE!

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    I find this new system really messy and too repetitive! Please, come back to the previous system... it was efficient and practical.

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    Lately I have been starting to get a feeling, that other people's replies to my messages are not reaching me at all. It might be, of course, just the fact that these people are busy or can't reply for any other reason, but it does make me a bit wary when I write to several people, who would have little objective reasons for not writing even a word or two when they are online (and they do appear online). I know that my own messages have not been sent to the people I have been talking to several times, especially while using the app, or I have sent identical messages to some people because of similar bugs.

    Overall, the messaging system is a trouble to deal with.

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    It took me a little bit to adjust, but I'm getting more accustomed to the new messaging system. I like the new Action Required channel.

    My biggest issue is with the number of notifications. I teach full time so just clearing all the red message alerts is quite tedious, and as I work the same times every day, most of them are not particularly helpful - and important notifications (of messages, for example) are easily missed. It would be amazing if you could edit the sort of notifications you received, or be able to filter them. I've been really busy over the last week and didn't keep up with replying to messages from new students. Tonight I had to click through almost 100 notification name tabs, to find the students that I had to reply to.

    At the same time, I do understand that italki probably wants to do everything they can to ensure that a teacher doesn't forget a lesson - as like, a safeguard. Though it does make keeping on top of things a bit difficult.

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    thiago silvério

    Olá tudo bem.

    Eu estou com problemas na minha caixa de notificações. Fica atualizando mas não mostra as mensagens.

    Deste já obrigado.

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    I have not been receiving messages on italki for several days! I get emails saying I am receiving them to my email, but I can't open the messages on the italki website AT ALL. It is not working! Please Help!

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