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Introducing the New italki Website!



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    Thank you for visiting our new website, if you have any feedback please comment below.

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    Hi Ms Help - I have just one question: where are the teacher settings?

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    Further to my original question: when you you switch to the beta site on your mobile, you don't get a notification that the new site doesn't cover teachers or language partners, which is why I asked.

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    If I try to give feedback, I'm afraid the result will be unprintable. In 6+ languages. 

    I'm now certain I misunderstood the character of collaboration between teachers and italki. At my age, this is the first time I encounter a company bigger than my neighborhood seamstress' that keeps charging for services removed since long long long ago.

    I can't understand italki's domain in business. Is there any chance to hear a precise description of the company's vision and objects in the way a sponsor or venturer would hear it? 




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    Jordan Ward

    The new site, in some respects, is oversimplified to the point that it's no longer simple. For example, when viewing the schedule of a potential teacher on the current website, you can view the teacher's entire schedule all at once in one window. In the beta version, you have to scroll through in order to view their entire schedule. This is a small critique but its a problem that the current website does not have. I also agree with other comments that the messaging system is overrun with notifications and defeats the purpose of messaging. The new 'reviews' section for both teachers and students is also an awkward revamp and is far less organized than the current site. The overall design/aesthetics of the new site is excellent but, in regards to functionality, it seems less intuitive (despite sleek design) and lacks depth (especially profile pages).

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    No more language partners or 'friends'? Only teachers?

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    Esther (Edited )

    The new teacher search looks better now.

    The combined version of messaging / notifications is as awful as everybody has been complaining about for weeks now. Still. Awful.

    What is still bad: The availability in the overview shows the current week's availability without making that clear. It looks like the general availability. Which means if one is booked for one week, people are not going to take a closer look at them because they will think, that those teachers are generally not available.

    The guy's hairdo in the main pic - is that hip nowadays? I find that very unattractive. Are you at least going to change that background pic, are there alternatives? I mean, we have older students too and business people and all. It wasn't an issue before because there was no permanent promo-pic on our main page, just on the login-page, and since I was logged in always, it didn't bother me. But I wouldn't want to see that all the time. Just a thought.

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    Jasmin (Edited )

    It looks interesting but you still combined the message/notifications, please change that!
    Also as a student: please add the calender in the new website as well. I usually need go there to see how many lessons I have in a month and if I can squeeze in some more lessons or not.

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    Do you plan to still have the Community pages (Discussion, Notebook, Questions, Language Exchange)? I really hope so, because these are features that make the italki website different from its competitors, and why I spend time here, and choose to book my lessons here. 

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    The notebook is the only reason I use italki over verbling.  I've been writing in it for years, and it's the primary way I find language partners outside of my lessons.  Please don't demote that to a submenu.

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    Why should I see my teacher's photo with every feedback she left me?
    Are you afraid I'll forget who she is?

    Which one looks better? this one?

    Or this new "look" to fill the empty space?


    Sometimes all you have to do is just take a look at what you already have/ had on italki and repeat it,

    that's it.

    If you want members to check your new "crown jewel", you might want to add the community

    features. Community is what makes members come back. Members might not bring you money

    immediately, but every member is a prospective student or a prospective tutor/ teacher.


    Maybe if you take a look at italki before 2016, you would get a better idea of what italki members

    liked, so you could add it on your new website. 

    Seriously, sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you could do italki. Just leave everything as 

    it was before the horrible combined messaging-notification system. Please...

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    Where can I find the calendar? Do you delete in Beta ver.? If so, that could be awful. I do not prefer that lesson list because it is not convenient to manage my lesson schedules. Other changes are not so bad for me except the calendar! Bring it back please..

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    There doesn't appear to be an option to select an "instant tutor" lesson. Will this option be available on the beta version as it is on the original italki site? 

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    Sergiu Luca

    Every italki site update is going from bad to worse: still the messaging system is a mess, no lesson messages available, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever.. the new pop-up for reviews looks weird, previously the feedback reviews from students/teacher were grouped by user, now they are ordered chronologically.. Could you just return to the pre-2016 no frills italki site and stop churning out these awful updates that nobody want?.. Seems like we're wasting our time with these comments, since italki couldn't care less about our feedback.

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    Julia Rozhkova

    It seems like if a teacher is offering "instant tutoring" isn`t displayed as a bar on a search list anymore. 

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    Gábor Szabó

    I don't seem to be able to login via the beta site. The old site still worked.

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    As soon as I select 'try it now' I am diverted to the new site in a different language...not very user friendly so I have stayed on the old website as I have no idea where to change these settings.

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    I'm very worried.

    I'm concerned that on the beta site there is no way to search for exchange partners or to collaborate with notebook entries. I've seen other sites go this direction, eliminating these more informal, less revenue-generating interactions (eg, Memrise recently, RIP Livemocha).

    Please tell me you'll continue these services.

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    As I feared.

    I noticed that the discussions on making friends and notebooks/discussions on the community page are closed. iTalki surely made the decision to shut these down.

    I understand that iTalki has an obligation to patrol spam and offensive (eg, sexual, political) discussions. I'm sure no one at iTalki wants to moderate bad behavior.

    But it makes me sad when we can't have nice things. iTalki is taking them away.

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    Dmitrii Kliuev

    In new interface of italki I don't see quantity of my completed classes(trial, professional and community tutor) and information about my OOPT.
    It's very important! I'm use it as part of my resume.
    Please, add it in new interface. Thank you!

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    No community, no  notebook, no language hacking portal. Can't use the new website... nope.  

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    If you guys keep it this way you are going to see A LOT of people leaving. I'll be the first one.

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    I really hope you bring the instant tutoring feature back soon.

    Some recommendations:
    1. Three warnings for unconfirmed requests
    2. Mobile notifications
    3. Email notifications
    4. A section where students write down their expectations for the lesson
    5. Bug fixes

    I still get warnings even though I have confirmed lessons on time. It's really troublesome. I also can't switch tabs, otherwise I won't get a notification. I really love this feature but it needs a lot of work. Good luck!

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    It was fine the way it was. Leave it as normal please.

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    Where is my teacher profile?!?  I can only see my student profile and I haven't taken lessons on italki for a long time, but I teach MANY lessons on italki!  Please, where is my teacher profile on this new version?  Why do you keep "fixing" what isn't broken? 

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    Where are the questions, diary and friends stuff? I guess this company doesn't care too much about me, since I only use the free sections of this page, but that's why I came here. I think it's nice that people want to take actual classes with teachers here, but I don't, and if this page becomes only that, then I'll have to leave and find another one. Which is a pity, I really liked this community :( 

    The cellphone app still shows all that, so maybe I just can't find it in the new version. Someone knows?

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    Susannah (Edited )

    Unfortunately, it looks like the community aspect of the page is gone and this, in my opinion, was a very poor decision on italki's part. As FriKitty mentioned above, there are many people who use this platform just to make friends, converse with each other and practice language for fun. In fact, one of my students is constantly correcting others' writing and helping them learn her native language. I know many people have benefitted from her kindness and I hate knowing that italki is taking away her ability to help others and taking away learning and connection opportunities for many others as well. 
    Taking away the Community sections/discussion questions etc was a huge mistake financially for italki as well. When I joined in 2013, I used these sections to find students. I spent a lot of time answering questions. I, of course, didn't advertise lessons, but those students whose questions I answered got to know and trust me through the discussion questions and community. It helped to find potential students. My main focus here is teaching and getting paid for my work. However, I also want to have some opportunities to be able to help others as I can. I have a hectic schedule and I cannot take language partners because I cannot set regular appointments, but I actually enjoy correcting paragraphs sometimes or answering simple questions. It's what made this site fun. 
    April 10th will be my 6th year anniversary on italki. I have one or 2 students who need me here because of issues with PayPal in their countries or because they already purchased a large amount of italki credits. I'm not going to abandon them.  However, my italki calendar will never open again for new students. Italki is losing many great teachers. Some of my students have more than one teacher and my students are always excited to tell me what they are learning from their other teachers. However, for many of my students, I am their only teacher. They take one lesson with me and then they stay with me for 4-5 years or more. Then I end up teaching their friends and family members. It's more than just teaching. Many of the teachers are building long term connections and relationships with the students. When teachers leave, italki isn't just losing a few lessons worth of profit. They may be losing years' worth. The teachers are the heart of the company. The company can't function without us. 

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    @Tim. I think you would go to to find your Teacher profile. However, it will bring more disappointments. Be ready. 

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    Thanks.  Actually, I don't think the teacher profiles were added to the new site when I posted that comment.  I contacted italki after I posted that comment, and if I remember correctly, they informed me that the teacher profiles had not been added to the new site yet, but that they would be shortly.  I've been able to access my teacher profile and have taught many lessons since I posted that.  That being written, yeah, not a fan of the new site.  Every time italki "updates" the website, they make things worse.  Oddly enough, they never take my advice regarding how to improve the website.  I'm still going to teach on italki as it's my full-time job, but I do hope they stop "improving" the website in ways that are not improvements at all.  

    They should: 1) Bring back instant tutoring, 2) keep the community comment section, 3) allow teachers to offer more than five courses (I think they may have increased this to six now, not sure), and 4) take my advice and include the teacher's or tutor's responses to students' reviews on the same page.

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    @Tim. I totally agree. 

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