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    CJ Lee

    Actually, your idea is not bad would be nice if they would speak to us as a whole, but ever since the removing 45 min lessons/ instant tutor fiasco, the staff has gone dark speaking to us as a group.

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    Saeede Mrt

    I don't like the new app at all. It looks exactly like the website which is a mess! Some parts were missing on the old app, but it was straightforward enough to check my schedule in a second!

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    I totally agree with all of the messages. I was trying to get used to but it become hard - now the app updated((((( 

    1) I can't find new lessons requests

    2) Everytime I open the app I need to change to teacher mode

    3) everytime I open it If I want to check upcoming lessons, I need to change to teacher mode, then choose my lessons, and then choose upcoming!!!

    4) barely yesterday I found a calendar (like it was always appeared in the past)

    5) I don't need to see the lessons I already did. They always come first


    I hope you guys read our messages, I really don't want to leave italki

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    I can only agree with my colleagues. The new website and the app are really not useful. As a student and a teacher it is super annoying to always have to change between the student and teacher mode. And it's impossible to always respond within 12 hours to a lesson request, considering the different time zones. I really loved the concept of Italki, now it just makes me angry every time I have to use the website. I also don't like being forced to give a feedback, I usually do this during my class. Furthermore, it's completely useless to see the timer and not the actual day and time of the lesson. It's also stupid that I can't see my students' names, just their profile picture, which is especially useless when they don't have one... 

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    I totally agree with the complaints but I stopped hoping for changes or even answers from the staff. Fortunately I have most of my clients on a different site and don't depend on this shitty site anymore. Sorry to be so blunt. Teachers complained about the calendar changes too and nothing changed. 12h is still fine, it is an option we can chose to do or not to do. It works without hickups on other websites. I rather would like to get my money for students that cancel 24h before a lesson.


    But yeah, good luck waiting for changes. It doesn't seem they value feedback and it doesn't seem they even care and do change things for the better.

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    Which site are you using, Christian? If I may ask..

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    That might be mean but I am not willing to say. You can google other teaching websites though and I am sure you will find it, it's pretty big. Honestly, I am very sick of the race downward when it comes to what teachers charge on Italki and preferabely avoid that from happening on my main source of income now. I see many teachers from Italki there though already.

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    Like some other teachers here I am thinking of leaving italki next semester. Can anybody recommend any good sites? I would highly appreciate any suggestions. Christian, yes we can google them but shared opinion of the teaches who have used them is precious and really helpful. We are not forbidden to mention the other sites here. 

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    You're right Inna, I'm not at all sure why he won't say! I've already mentioned my alternative previously, as I know how important recommendations are for teachers. The site is called '' and it is basically the same thing as italki.. 

    This is the message I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

    "I hate to leave this site after three years as I feel a certain loyalty for it, but I must say that this one is tempting, and I actually recognise other italki teachers on there already. So some have already made the switch!

    I'm going to apply over there this evening.

    In short:


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    CJ Lee

    I think I tend to agree with Christian... You guys don't want to potentially jeopardize your standing with Italki. There are teacher/students on this forum too... But as he said, it's relatively easy to find other platforms just as easily as finding this one.

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    Andrew B (Edited )

    ITALKI TEACHERS - BE CAREFUL WITH PREPLY! In your first class with Preply you will earn ZERO, and that's your first class with every new student. Not only that but their platform commission is on a sliding scale, so you will be hit hard in the beginning. Just saying! I basically would have been giving the students a free $30 lesson. ta! So, good luck with Preply, people! :)

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    CJ Lee

    @Andrew - agreed

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    Inna (Edited )

    Teachers, friends, do you know any site that works similar to the old italki? (Thank you, Cyd, Andrew B and CJ Lee for your opinion)

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    Yes, there is a commission upfront, but I've been told that there are more bookings to be had once through that part, as it's not yet totally saturated with teachers and most students do book again.

    There are a lot of businesses that use it for their staff so often the student is not paying personally. I'm just raising my rates after the first lesson to balance the initial "investment". 

    I'm getting about 20% of what I used to on Italki in terms of bookings, so I'm getting to the point where I don't care very much if my standing is jeopardised on the site, they've been happy to jeopardise their standing with their many thousands of loyal teachers. 

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    CJ Lee (Edited )

    Here's what I can tell you with 100% certainty... I wouldn't recommend giving up what you have on Italk to go to the mentioned platform. If you think you're having a hard time getting lessons now, wait till you get there.

    At the very least, you'll want to supplement. You will constantly be giving up free lessons. It's like sales... Somebody is bound to buy, But you may have to go through several till you find that buyer.

    Needless to say, I'm on the side of the I am one too. I personally don't feel we've been treated with the best of class, but we have an opportunity to keep from reciprocating that same behavior.

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    Евгений (Edited )

    I am tired of clicking "back to the classic version"

    Dear Italki team,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your great efforts on how to make both the site and our community better. By common consent, I would dare to say that we all appreciate it. Unfortunately, the recent changes in the system were completlety unsuccessful. I am sure you do not take delight in vexing the teacher's part of commiunity to increase earnings, but seems like the goal you chased making all of those changes eluded you.

    I was not going to write anything (had hopes that things would change) when I all of a sudden realized that the new version of the site is harder and less convenient to use! I will try to be as scrupulous as possible to provide you a good, detailed feedback on what was done wrong (to my own opinion). On the picture below (see pic.1) You can see a screenshot of what I see considering my schedule. I dared to leave some comments on the picture as well. As you can observe, it is literally impossible to say whom I am about to teach in 2 days. I have to click on slot and find it out. It is possible, but still INCONVENIENT. The classic version allowed me to do that at a glance inside seconds! Again, in the right part of the pic. 1 you can see  a little comment on 'what do we need that information for'? Do you really believe that we are interested in how many seconds left before a session begins? Comparing to the new one, the old version was a great solace to me. Now, seems like that it's gone. 

    Here is another picture (pic. 2). On the picture you can see a nice guy. But now we are interested in the section 'lessons per month'. This feature was really usefull due to its informativity. Now I do not have the faintest idea how to know how many lesson I taught, say, after two weeks. Again, it is INCONVENIENT. 



    I understand that you are already fatigued of the tumult we are making, but please do us a favor and consider this:' If there are so many teachers, who actually teach at Italki, who do not approve the changes, maybe the changes were bad?' I take no delight in bruising someone else's ego, I am just trying to be honest, and hope you will hear this 'song of honesty' I have just sung for you.

    Italki used to be the greatest site among other teaching platforms. Please do not let it fall out of whack. Get it back on track! 

    Thank you very much for reading.

    Sincerely yours, 

    Eugene, the Russian language teacher

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    Bēnfàng 奔放老师

    I totally agree with the comment above!!! Thanks for writing this down so thoroughly. With the old version, just a glance i could know who i am about to teach and at what time, with the new website i have to click for 5 minutes and calculate myself with the hour, the count down thing is really confusing and inconvenient.


    Also with the new APP. it's less and less user friendly.  it's a horrible experience for teachers compared to the old version.

    When there is a new class request on italki, this is how difficult and complicated for a teacher to accpet that class request:

    When there is a new class request, the notification page doesn't lead you to anywhere, we will have to locate by ourselves.

    First, switch the mode to teacher. Student page is the default setting even though you are teacher....

    Second, search and click "my lesson",

    Third, put the filter with "needs action",

    Forth, since this page is mixed with previous classes you need to give feedback to and all the new lessons, you will have to search for that one less request ONE BY ONE! The title doesn't give you any useful info for you to locate the request. What's even more worse is, most students doesn't have a profile pic, which in return makes even it harder to locate the new request. 

    In summary, we have to use the APP at least 3-5 minutes to accept a new request, not to mention the teacher has no clue there is a new request due to the chaotic notification system.

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    Michele The Euroglot

    I hope I am allowed to share my piece of advice.

    Since the new app has so many issues, I uninstalled it, then googled "italki apk" and downloaded the .apk (installer) for the previous version, 2.7.7. I allowed my Android phone to install apps that are not downloaded from Google Play Store and that's it. I've been using the older version for about a week now and I have disabled automatic updates for the italki app until they will improve it based on all our feedback.

    I thought some of you may find this useful.

    Have a good week, everybody!


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    Lucas (Edited )

    Be careful with the beforementioned advice because it is generally risky to install applications from unofficial sources

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    Jenny Davies (Edited )

    About a year ago in the UK, there was what we called the "Chicken Crisis". KFC UK changed their main logistics supplier from the tried and tested (and thoroughly competent) QSL over to the more recognisable DHL. Almost instantly the problems started. Between 800-900 stores in the UK were shut down because the DHL only had one main distribution centre from which to send the chicken out of, which is a problem when there are stores located all across Britain and fresh chicken needs to be tightly regulated. The sheer scale of the poor business planning has made its way into business courses across Britain because this is something that was easily avoidable but, out of a desire to save money and streamline the process, KFC UK messed up on a pretty big scale.


    Now, I'm not saying that the changes to iTalki are on that level of bad, but I'm also not saying they're great either.


    Sometimes it really is better to let the status quo stand. Just ask KFC UK.

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    Just tried to check my schedule for new lesson requests and found that the mobile site is trying to force me to download the app instead of using the website. I don't want an app, I just want to be able to check my work before I sleep so I don't get a penalty for missing a lesson request thanks to the crazy new 12-hour requesting system. Again, Italki fails to provide even an adequate platform. Not happy. Again. 

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    Jan Oko

    I've just found out that you are introducing a 12-hour period for requesting lessons instead of the 24h one. That's much too short for a response! That could be optional but not a rule!

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    Luciana Pegoraro

    @Rose Hi, this crazy 12-hour system just starts on Jul 10th, so we still have some days of normal checking the site. And yes, the mobile site also tried to force me to download the app so I just checked "desktop site" to be able to accept one lesson request. It's not responsive, though.

    I've tried the app before, always bad. And now I only see complaints about it here, so I won't try again.


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    Stefano the Polyglot

    Don't teach on Preply! Their conditions are outrageous.

    The natural alternative to Italki is Verbling. However, I'm getting almost no students there.

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    Stefano the Polyglot

    Italki is like democracy: the worst system, except for all the others.

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    Mike Moore

    I am glad 45 and 90 minutes were retained;  just as there are different lessons and also different students, there are different times that are most suitable.

    In the same direction, I hope we can also get the option to not offer 60 minutes.

    There is no reason 60 minutes is always necessary for every type of lesson.

    If it is a technology issue for italki (i.e. - search math) ,  I would love to help solve that.  I would donate some database development time.

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    I will never accept +12 request. I just got my first one.

    I just created a Post on the "Teachers community forum"  where you can post your suggestions on how to reply such kind of requests.

    My student decided to reschedule saying is totally understandable, so I think I will use the same text whenever I get a +12 request.

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    Lucia 露西亚

    My student missed his class and he wants to reschedule. I can't reschedule the class for the time he wants. I have the following complaints (I am hope you can give me an answer for 1, 2 and 3):

    1. I don't see why the teacher needs to select the new date and time. Since the time he wanted is not available, I need to keep messaging him back and forth to see which day and time is ok. This makes our experience on italki very unpleasant. This is not practical at all.

    2. Italki is becoming very troublesome for students to book and to reschedule. Students keep booking the wrong class and wrong language and I have to message them to book the right one. This did not happen as often before.

    3. FEWER LESSONS? When I tried to reschedule the lesson I saw that my schedule appears as if I am not available until Thursday (Today is Sunday). Why can't we reschedule for Tuesday or Wednesday? I am wondering now if it appears the same to all students who want to book. I AM available but the system is not showing it.

    4. The app doesn't work well. I had to wait until I got home to try to reschedule but it was still a failure. I cannot easily accept decline or change the lesson details on my phone and it seems you do not want me to use the website on my phone because it always sends me to that Download the italki app website.

    I think you are making it harder for students to book lessons or to like italki. My students have commented on how italki changed the layout and they don't seem happy about it. They have had trouble booking.
    You are making all these changes and but it seems you have actually made it worse. It takes me longer to book and to check anything on the website. 


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    Holly Jensen

    A new problem has popped up. If i delete all of the available times on a particular day so that I can adjust them, the "Add" button disappears, so I can't reconfigure the availability for that day. This now means I have less opportunity to get work.

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