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Message System 2.2.0



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    Huh? This seems so confusing and convoluted. And are we still getting the crazy 11 notifications per lesson?

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    Dave (Edited )

    Interestingly, the 'Feedback on the new message system' thread seems to have disappeared.

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    Luciana Pegoraro

    @Dave, maybe this way we'll forget how bad the new messaging system is... 

    I just wanted to say how frustrating it is when you are always trying to improve and do your work the best way possible, but italki (that WAS working) gets in the way.

    it's not fair a student cancels a lesson (instead of rescheduling) because he didn't receive an answer from me of a message I wasn't notified about.

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    Mandana Jones

    Luciano Pergoraro gave you brilliant feedback. I wonder whether you will actually listen to it. 

    I feel terribly rude that your new system does not give me the opportunity to send a message to a declined lesson request. 

    It makes me feel uncomfortable that you are either perfectly okay with that OR that you are unable to notice or tackle that error? Bizarre. 

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    Mandana I find this very strange, because I have already refused classes.

    Regina I prefer this way, which is similar to the version of the site before the classic version, how they put everything together and always lots of notifications was horrible, at least now they are by category. 



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    Кто хочет выучить русский язык?

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