Introducing the New italki iOS App!



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    Michele The Euroglot

    I hope it will be launched on Google Play Store soon!

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    My app undated on my android system and I have had to delete it as it just refuses to open and says there is an error every time I try to use it.

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    Bēnfàng 奔放老师 (Edited )

    it's less and less user friendly with the new APP.  it's a horrible experience for teachers compared to the old version.

    When there is a new class request on italki, this is how difficult and complicated for a teacher to accpet that class request:

    When there is a new class request, the notification page doesn't lead you to anywhere, we will have to locate by ourselves.

    First, switch the mode to teacher. Student page is the default setting even though you are teacher....

    Second, search and click "my lesson",

    Third, put the filter with "needs action",

    Forth, since this page is mixed with previous classes you need to give feedback to and all the new lessons, you will have to search for that one less request ONE BY ONE! The title doesn't give you any useful info for you to locate the request. What's even more worse is, most students doesn't have a profile pic, which in return makes even it harder to locate the new request. 

    In summary, we have to use the APP at least 3-5 minutes to accept a new request, not to mention the teacher has no clue there is a new request due to the chaotic notification system.


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    Bēnfàng 奔放老师

    It's such a pain for users who are both active teacher and learner on italki, to switch back and forth between Teacher Mode and Student Mode is killing me!!!!!!!!!

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    Can someone helpnme? I have an android phone an when I open the app, I am asked to accept the terms of use, bjt I can't find a botton to click on. What can I do?

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    Julia Rozhkova

    That's true, it became so confusing for teachers! I used to use Italki app to accept lessons request and I knew I couldn't miss them while I was out. 

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    Vladislav Khonyak

    I can't withdraw money anymore. I don't know how to do it with this update.

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    Marvin Dent

    The update is abysmal, can’t see your feedback from all students, everything is much more complicated, the new layout is poor too, the old calendar was much better and easier to see, hard to see where lesson requests go..

    Please return to the previous update! I’ve taught on here for 3 years, this is the worst update!!!

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