Some Tips on Preparing for Summer Breaks



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    Andrew Pronunciation

    Great article! Thank you! I'll definitely try some of the things that you mentioned. Happy teaching! :) 

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    Rose - Kids & Adults

    If you teach younger students (kids or university students) a lot of them will have their final exams in either May or June, depending on the country.  Those months might be slower than usual for that reason.  You might also find that your students are more stressed out during those months.  It’s worth trying to make your classes a bit easier during that time, and to also ask your students (or their parents) if they’d like you to decrease their homework or temporarily stop giving them homework until exams are over.

    I personally find that classes for young learners increase a lot during July and August, while adult classes decrease somewhat.  

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    Great article even tho most of it I knew already, as I work online since quite some time. But newbies will surely benefit from this one. Keep up the good work and happy teaching :o)

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