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    Roxanne Mackey

    Does anyone know of a free platform that I can share my screen but also have a video link? I find with kids especially that it's important for us to see each other as well as the work on screen. Many thanks!

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    Daniel Joseph

    If you're using a PC, you can use the free software OBS. It's a bit complicated to setup, especially if you haven't worked with this type of software before, but it's what the pro streamers use to show their games, etc as well as their webcams at the same time.

    Personally, I'm a mac user, and OBS doesn't work with skype (where I deliver my classes). Because of this, I have to use an incredibly expensive piece of sotware :(

    I totally agree that sharing the screen is essential; I use it for everything from a basic whiteboard, to sharing video/pictures and language examples. I couldn't/wouldn't work without it!

    At a push, skype actually has screen sharing built in. It's not great, but it does allow you to select which application window you want to share. The drawback is that it makes you webcam feed a tiny thumbnail and introduces huge latency, which really isn't great when you're modellling pronunciation.

    I hope this helps as a starting point!

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